Silver Sparkle Family Tree. Grandchildren Family Tree


Beautiful half tree available in a gold or silver design with the words ‘our grandchildren’ carved out of the sides. The wooden tree is painted either gold or silver and you may select our classic simple design with hearts on the tree, or our design with heartstrings attached. Heartstrings are typically created with glitter strands on the silver tree and gold ribbon used on the gold tree. In addition, if you wish, you may also add clear gems.

The tree is framed in a white frame with border. The frame measures 23cm square and can be placed on a surface, but is ideal to hang on the wall.

  • The simple tree design will hold a maximum of 8 names on the tree (this may involve using lower branches on the left of the trunk too if the maximum of 8 is selected). If an order is made for the simple tree and more than 8 names given, it will not be possible to complete the order.
  • Our tree with heart strings design will hold a maximum of 14 names. However only 6 hearts can be placed on strings. For orders where heartstrings has been selected and more than 8 names given, some will be placed on the tree.

Order times are typically 1 week on this item, please contact us if you need to clarify, as this can increase in busy periods.