Naughty Or Nice Year Glass
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Naughty Or Nice Year Glass

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A magical creation sure to encourage the children to behave…plus it can be used for as long as you like, you may choose to bring it out close to Christmas, or use the naughty or nice year glass for a much longer time.

Plus…. if you like this item please don’t forget the naughty or nice year glass is also available to purchase with the simply stunning Santa Claus the book of secrets.


What better way to encourage positive behaviour from young children than with the reward of a visit from Santa Claus himself. The glass has a ‘naughty’ and a ‘nice’ side, simply turn the glass to allow the sand to fall into naughty when children are misbehaving, leave in neutral when all is well, and tip to ‘nice’ to reward good behaviour. Those children that are more nice than naughty will be rewarded as come Christmas Eve the sand in the nice side will be higher than that in naughty and Santa Claus himself will be ready to pay a visit.



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