Name In A Hoop. Stars Design

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Our 20cm hoops with a name in the middle are available in a variety of designs. In our gallery images you’ll see other designs that are available on other listings within the website.
The font used is a script style (exact font may vary slightly) and the hoop itself is 18cm wide. This product works well as hanging room décor, or can be attached to a wall or surface if you add additional sticky pads.(not included).

The hoop can accommodate a first name only , double barrelled names can be accommodated, although font size will be much smaller, and in some instances run over 2 lines.
You may choose to have a hole to hang a ribbon /string through, or to have without this. To secure hoops without a hole to a surface such as a door, we recommend thin double sided sticky pads (not included), or to hang hoops without a hole we suggest tying ribbon or even clear fishing wire around the hoop. When using any form of material to hang the hoop ensure you tie securely and place well out of reach of young children/babies.

The stars design features a painted hoop in the main colour selected by you, with additional MDF star embellishments painted by us in a colour that we feel best matches the hoop (although you can add a message to your order if you do want particular coloured stars).

This item takes 4 to 5 weeks to be created and cannot be made any sooner due to high demand. Thank you for your understanding.