Multi Buy Antler Letters OR Antler Stocking Holders WITHOUT lights


Save up to £8.97 with this multi buy listing!!!!

Measuring 17cm from base to top of the antlers, these handmade stocking holders make a lovely decoration to your Christmas room. Our 20 cm letters also make a lovely decoration or even work as place markers for Christmas lunch.

Our stocking holders and letters are hand painted and decorated with a ribbon, as well as the name of the lucky recipient (or a family surname). Please note that due to space the word ‘family’ is not included on the stocking holder, only the surname will appear on this item. These items do not include lights, but we do have alternate listings that do.

On each order please give ALL of the following information. Antler Colour/Bow Colour/Letter Colour/Name/Product. For example Order 1…Gold antlers/Cream Bow/Cream Letter/Reggie/Stocking Holder/. Order 2 Rose Gold antlers/Pink Bow/white letter/Mum/Letter/

Colours available are….Bow – Green/Gold/Pink/Silver. Letter or antler – White/Cream/Red

Usually a chunky typeface is used for male names and a script font for female. If you have a particular preference please add this to each order. Any orders with incomplete information will be sent with the design that we feel best matches, refunds will not be provided if you are unhappy with the choice and had failed to provide the information when ordering.

If ordering 2 items select ‘2’ from the drop down list if 3 select ‘3’ etc.Leave +1 as the sum in the add to basket box, this way you will be ordering 1 set of 2, or 1 set of 3 (as per this example).