Money Saver Package. Grandparents Picture In Frame with coasters.


SAVE £5 on the framed picture alone, or £8 if you add a set of 2 matching coasters.

Provided in a frame in either oak effect or white, that can be hung on the wall or propped up on a surface. The personalised design is printed in colour on photo quality paper and framed in an insert. The overall size of the frame is 21cm by 30cm and a mount opening of 12cm by 17cm.

Our grandchildren frame could include Grandparents, or you may opt to just detail the Grandchildren. A maximum of 8 names can be accommodated.

The picture features a set of coats hanging on coat hooks, with names above. when ordering please detail the following information in the text box….name (or titles such as Gramps, if a name is not to be used), and ideally an age or “grown up” or “toddler” to help us judge sizes.

Coats will be used to indicate a person and names will be placed in the order listed, with larger clothing used for adults and smaller for children.

The title Our Grandchildren is an exqmple, you may change this for another short title of no more than a sentence if you prefer. If no title is given, the frame will be sent without this element added.

Our coaster deal includes 2 9cm square acrylic coasters with the personalised print inside each one. Coasters comprise of coats and names, but due to space restrictions do not include a main title.

Current dispatch times 5 working days. Part of a wider range including smaller frames for couples Click here for couples frame4