Large Name Hoop OR Business Name Hoop With Flowers. Floral Room Decor


Our large name hoops are available in 30cm, 40cm or 50cm size and are available in a variety of colours. If you are looking for a smaller hoop please view smaller hoops

Lights – We have twisted pretty LED lights around some of the hoops in the pictures. These lights are battery operated and have a tiny pack that is secured behind the flowers to switch the lights on and off. If you wish to select lights please purchase them here.

If you are purchasing a plain hoop we do not recommend the lights as you will see part of the pack behind the hoop. If you are purchasing a small hoop (under 30cm) we do not recommend these lights, as again the pack will show.

Styles –  The hoops can be provided with or without flowers, see our other listing for the plain hoops here

Finishes – If you require a colour not listed please contact us. Please note that when metallic spray paint is used on MDF it creates a mat effect finish and NOT a glossy or shiny effect (see The Hair Boutique image for an example of silver paint). Silver or Gold choices will be produced in mat effect. The pink used is a dusky shimmery pink (see Sofia, Olivia or Lottie) and to see an example of grey refer to Amber Lea.

Luxury Garland Design is only available in the 40cm or 50cm (not 30cm) hoops due to its size – For those selecting the luxury garland this is tied to your hoop and allows you to remove it at a later date and use the garland separately and then keep the hoop plain (Sofia is one image showing the garland). On smaller hoops the garland will wrap around higher up (example Sofia) on larger hoops the garland doesn’t rise as high around the hoop (example Amber Lea).The garland gives a fuller effect than flower heads individually glued. the garland is only available in the cream/pink colours shown.
Floral Design – If you select our floral design this is created with flower heads glued to the hoop and cannot be removed later (Isabella is an image detailing flowers attached to the hoop). This option offers a wider variety of colour choices. Smaller hoops will contain smaller flower heads, larger hoops larger. In general silk flowers with are used on larger hoops, smaller hoops contain either foam flowers, or paper flowers depending on availability and colour scheme(see the multi image picture for a view of how the flowers on the 30cm hoops look). When selecting a flower colour this will be used as the dominant colour, we may mix in other shades or smaller neutral colours to give the best finish. We may add foliage if we feel it improves the design, or leave if we don’t. If you feel strongly that you want it, or don’t want it, please add a note to your order.

Plain Hoops – perfect for you if you like a classy simple design, or if you want to add your own embellishments. Plain hoops are available to buy on an alternate listing click here

Holes – all hoops may be selected without a hole or with, if with this will be placed centrally at the top.

This item will take 4 to 6 weeks to be made. We work with another crafter who cuts the shape on her machinery and this dispatch time cannot be done any faster. If you need this product earlier, we will try to accommodate any urgent requests where possible. Please check before ordering if this can be accommodated by emailing us at [email protected]