Large £1 for a Ib Personalised Weight Loss Board


Wooden rectangular weight loss tracker with personalisation. The board contains enough spaces for 56 new £1 sterling coins and each coin represents a loss of 1 lb in weight 4 stone in total). If you prefer the board to represent kilograms, the personalisation can be changed to reflect this, please leave details in the box ‘anything else’.

Simply place a coin in the hole for each 1lb loss, if you slip you can always remove the coin and replace again later 🙂 The board is supplied with a stand and a ribbon, to allow it to be propped up, or hung on a wall (please note that coins are for photography purposes only and not included with the product).

The board is available in Silver, or a gold with silver coin holes. Similar items are also available in a star shape for 28 lbs.

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