Handmade Wooden Rainbow Ornament


This handmade wooden rainbow contains 4 strips each individually painted. The rainbow strips can be separated and displayed this way, or slotted together and can also be swapped around back to front also. If you require a different colour scheme to the 3 listed please use ‘anything else’ if doing this please give as many options as possible to allow us to meet this request. Please be clear if you do not wish to receive an item with a match as close as possible, in this case we will refund if we cannot meet your request.

The rainbow measures roughly 9cm in height and is provided with a name in script font and a colour we feel best matches the scheme requested.

If you require extra lettering this can be accommodated for £5 more. Only a couple of words will fit on each strip, and longer text will be placed on the outside of the rainbow, with the smallest element only fitting a number…. so an example may be ….Mary Jayne Lewis 2 – 12th June 2019 – 6Ib 3oz – 10am. Not all lines have to be used and you may prefer something like our example Happy 1st Birthday – Name