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Hoop Size
If you are looking for the BIGGER hoops then please click here LINK TO OUR BIGGER HOOPS

This listing is for the smaller 20cm and 30cm hoops. The 20cm hoops are a great size to hang on a door as bedroom door sign. Our 30cm hoops still look great on a door, but also work well to fill wall space, or even on the wall of your business. We sell even bigger ones here.

There are many colour schemes to select from. The colour seen in Lucie/Grace/Eloise is one of our most popular colour choices, it is referred to by the paint manufacturer as rosegold. Views of what rosegold is can vary from customer to customer and we would describe it as a dusky pink with a slight shimmer. Some of the other colour choices can be seen in pictures, for example Love is grey, Summer is silver. The silver is also highly popular as it looks like a very light grey and compliments pink flowers perfectly.

Flowers are usually paper on hoops on this listing. If you prefer silk or foam (only available on bigger hoops) please click here.
When selecting flower choice you are selecting the dominant or main theme colour, so for example ‘pink’ will also have a secondary colour mixed in to break up the pink.

We create hundreds of these hoops and are happy to add in a little greenery to make the hoop prettier if we think it needs it. You can however opt for none if you prefer. Please also remember that flowers on a 30cm hoop will look different to a 20cm hoop, purely because of the size difference. Emma, Grace, Hollie, Home, Ava are just some of the 30cm pictures to give you an idea.

Lights are LEDs on a wire provided for you to wrap around the hoop, a free sticky pad is included so you can attach the lights to the hoop with ease, or use elsewhere in the home if you prefer. Batteries are included and can be replaced by you once worn down.

This listing is for flowers only, if you want stars please click here.

The hoop is intended to accommodate a first name only. However, should you detail a double-barreled name or 2 names, you must leave us to decide how the name best fits, based on the best design for strength and security, this could include using 2 lines, or staggering the lines. Names or phrases of more than 2 words can only be accommodated on the 30cm size hoop, and then no more than 3 or 4 short words.

Hoops have a small hole at the top for you to hang on a hook and a ribbon is included for hanging. You select whether you want to have a bow or not. Bow colour is selected by us to best match the colour of the flowers chosen.

Make Time
This product is handmade by our small team and is a TOP SELLER and make time is 4 to 5 weeks, we have had countless responses from customers that the item was worth the wait for them, regrettably handmaking each piece, we cannot do this any faster.