FREE LIGHTS Personalised Floral Bedroom Door Sign. Handmade Bedroom Hoop Sign


This item is a TOP SELLER and due to high demand will take 4 weeks to dispatch. We apologise that it cannot be dispatched any sooner, but we’re sure you’ll agree they are worth the wait. Plus they have FREE LIGHTS. If you’re looking for our fluffy festive hoops, also with FREE LIGHTS click here

Our floral hoops are popular for many reasons including the wide choice of colours and designs. The smaller hoops are 20cm and a great size to hang on a door as bedroom door sign,. Our larger 30cm hoops still look great on a door, but also work well to fill wall space, or even on the wall of your business.

Hoops have a small hole at the top for you to hang on a hook. If you select a bow we also tie on a small ribbon for ease of hanging. Please check and if needed tighten the ribbon before hanging. When hanging this product ensure it is secure and out of reach of small children and babies.

This special listing has an offer of FREE LIGHTS. The lights are battery operated LEDS and included in the parcel for you to use as you wish. In some of our images we have wrapped them around the hoops and hidden the battery pack behind the flowers or bow, using a sticky pad to secure. We even include a free sticky pad for you, should you also wish to do this too. Alternatively the lights are yours to use elsewhere as a FREE GIFT from us. What’s more, batteries are also included and can be easily replaced when they run down.

There are many colour schemes to select from, the colour seen in Lucie/Grace/Eloise is one of our most popular colour choices, it is a dusky pink with a slight sheen, select ‘pink’ on the drop down list for this colour. Some of the other colour choices can be seen in pictures, for example Love is grey, Summer is silver. Please note that when gold and silver are used on MDF they create a mat finish, not a shiny one.

The hoop is intended to accommodate a first name only. However, should you detail a double barrelled name or 2 names, you must leave us to decide how the name best fits, based on the best design for strength and security, this could include using 2 lines, or staggering the lines. Names or phrases of more than 2 words can only be accommodated on the 30cm size hoop, and then no more than 3 or 4 short words.

Our floral style may be produced with, or without the bow and we will use our discretion on bow colour to match the design. Flowers are paper or foam and both colours and floral layout design will vary to match the colour of hoop chosen (or pinks and white on a white hoop, unless requested otherwise). If you have any special requests on the flower colours please use the ‘anything else’ box. Likewise if you feel strongly you would like greenery added with the flowers, or not, tell us this. We will try to accommodate generic requests, but highly specific ones may not be possible. If no information is given, we will create for you.

This item takes 4 weeks to be created and cannot be made any sooner due to high demand. Thank you for your understanding.
Lights offer ends end of September 2020