Christmas Gnomes Tree Decoration. Nordic Christmas Tree Ornament


NEW for 2020…Special introductory offer. SAVE up to £2.95

The 7cm ceramic disc is personalised and provided in an organza gift bag, PLUS for only £2.95 extra you can add a message on the back too. In addition you may select to have a bow, or not, and all ornaments are provided with a hanging ribbon. Finally to represent 2020, you may want a rainbow in the back ground (see Keeley and Anna example). Wow so many choices!

The ornament can contain a maximum of 5 characters and we will select the best layout to fit the names and words chosen. Where we can do so, adults will be at the back and children at the front. If you do not specify who is an adult and who is a child, we will create all the characters the same size. If you do not specify male or female, we will use our judgement…if we guess wrong, we cannot refund…we respectfully ask you give us this information at point of ordering, to avoid mistakes. Females are created with the longer pig tails and males without them. To order detail name followed by the data (adult or child, male or female) in brackets and repeat this for each family member.

The title can be 3 words maximum and first names only can be accommodated due to size. If you have chosen a double sided ornament, please keep your message short and to a similiar length to the example given, 1 or 2 sentences max.

Please check spellings as mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards. Introductory offer ends Oct 2020