How girls pack a Vauxhall Zafira

Blog 5. I’m feeling quite accomplished at this, it’s still a shame I’ve never read a blog in my life and have no idea really what I am meant to be writing, or how long they should be, but when you work for yourself sometimes things are just done blindly with fingers crossed. So, assuming I’ve yet to break any major rules, and as I haven’t been approached by the Bridget Jones publishing house with a massive offer to write a book, I shall plough on.

So these are meant to be about running a small business, but I think in the first 4 I have failed miserably to mention that I sell anything, so to cover that one off…I do sell things (unless it’s a bad day and then I feel sorry for myself that I can’t sell things). So here’s an insight into my last event sales day.

Heading to an event typically involves throwing a gazebo, gazebo feet, shed loads of stock, emergency essentials like chocolate and bottled water (too expensive to ever buy at an event and purchased in advance from the local Sainsbury’s, which also knows me for my cat food and wine purchases) into the back of a Zafira. Now dull as a Zafira is (apologies to Vauxhall Marketing), it is bloody practical. It’s obviously not as pretty as my old Vauxhall Astra convertible, which I loved (brownie points regained with Vauxhall Marketing), well I did love it, until it stopped the converting bit and I was told the charge to fix it! However, I clearly must have a little charm when I put my mind to it and wear a low cut top, as the none converting convertible got me a decent part exchange last year for the Zafira.

So car loaded to overflowing I basically keep my hand around the boot lid (does it have another name?) and pull it away fast at the last minute…slam the boot closed quickly, walk away, and worry about the chaos that will spill into the road when I undo it later! So the car is ‘successfully’ loaded, but I’m now unable to see out the back when I reverse. Thankfully we live on a dirt track so I’ve more chance of reversing over a pigeon than a person, so all should be OK (not that I plan to reverse over a pigeon before any animal rights people start hating me). Finally I’m ready to go, well I would be if I’d not forgotten my float, sat nav and parking permit. Anyway I’m never on time anywhere, I just work to varying degrees of lateness, so off to tip the house upside down again.

I have no idea if anyone is reading this, but as I’m finding putting the chaos of my life into writing quite therapeutic, I will continue with the thrill of a typical sales event next time, and when I say thrill, I am saying this with just the tiniest hint of sarcasm in my head.


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