Parenting guilt and ball juggling

Having shared my morning activities last time, and the pink skinny jeans on a none skinny forty something dilemma, what did the rest of the day have in store for a high flying business owner/home working ball juggler (metaphoric ones, not my other halves anatomic ones, I’m too busy for that!).

So having strewn my stock all over the garden to sort it and yet not miss a minute of the sunshine, it was back onto orders. That created enough chaos to make the house look like it’d been robbed, whilst my other half sat oblivious to it all swearing in Glaswegian at a mobile phone. I think it was some football match he was streaming on his mobile (‘streaming’, get me, that’s a technical term, now feeling smug I know it), thank fully he can’t see mess, because if he could he might get asked to help me clean it occasionally.

I then got stung again for £7.99 for some computer game add on by James (son) and felt guilty for agreeing and forgetting to ask the standard ‘Is it age appropriate? Will I find it offensive?’ questions. I’m not sure why I ask these, as his standard reply is ‘you find most things offensive’ and I let him buy it anyway, but it relieves a small amount of mum guilt that I asked.

Orders completed and blog written. What comes later in the exciting world of a sole trader will vary dependent on whether Frank (other half) is walking to Sainsburys for wine. The end of the day will therefore either involve drinking wine and debating whether writing things like a blog will really get more people to visit my website? (whilst wondering if in these blogs I should at some point mention I sell stuff). Or it could involve me loading mileage onto Excel. I wonder which….. either way loading mileage and drinking wine may not be a good combination.

Off now to see how much swearing is in this new download.

out of wine

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