Can you wear pink skinny jeans in your forties?

Today has been one of variety. I dragged myself out of bed, still feeling like I needed a good 3 hours longer and squeezed myself into the latest ‘stretch’ jeans (which thankfully stretched), whether you should be wearing pink jeans in your forties, I’m not sure, but they were on offer in Peacocks. Now I’m self-employed my clothes shopping is all Peacocks, Tesco, Primark…I’ve yet to do charity shops, but I do bypass Next and Debenhams, which are strictly HR Manager wage only (my old former life). So they fitted and the new baggy hide the belly top worked and having pulled the bra straps down, I got away without owning a strapless bra on a strapless top…result.

This morning was an event…thankfully an indoor one as it THREW it down, I mean torrential downpour, weather warnings the lot! What would have been particularly helpful is if the downpour hadn’t occurred exactly at unloading time, but hey I got told my hair looked nice, so must try the drowned rat look more often. Car unloaded I start to unpack….’Anyone own a blue Audi?’ shouts the organiser (I wish!), ‘Alarm is going off’. OK not me, carry on, ‘Anyone own a silver zafira?’ ‘Yes’ ‘It’s got a flat tyre’…..For F*&^$ sake! So after that great start I’d like to tell you it all ended happily ever after with lots of money being made….sadly that would be a lie though.

From there it has been a whirlwind of creating teacher magnets all over the carpet, gluing the odd one in error to the carpet, but at least I stuck the magnets on the right way around this time, then onto social media. Messages answered, photos taken (against a backdrop of Wilko sample wallpaper, much cheaper than paying for an expensive photography backdrop) and facebook posts scheduled.
Phew….and I’m still at it now, blog writing…no rest for the self employed 

Michelle (hoping it is appropriate to reference shop names in blogs and no one will write me official letters….other brands are available….there I’m covered!)

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