The next Bridget Jones

‘You need to write a blog’ they said…that’ll help your reach. Hmmmm if I knew what a blog was that’d be a start. However, I’m guessing it’s like a short story update and I’ve always fancied writing the next Bridget Jones (well who wouldn’t!), so I thought I won’t influence myself with research and just write something (OK, truth is I’ve not had time to research and I am assuming very few will find this anyway).
So a blog…well, where to start? Life? The universe? Me? So I’m going for it with the life of a small business owner, well technically a mum working from the living room…and kitchen…ohh and I’ve overtaken the spare downstairs room…eerr and we no longer have a spare bedroom….but you get the idea, I am not working from a fancy business unit. Orders are fulfilled in-between unwashed breakfast bowls, dirty PE kits and 2 black cats shedding hair everywhere, life has different challenges to my old job in HR. So, on a roll as I am, but not having a Scooby how long this is meant to be, I will end blog 1 as short and sweet. I will add to my to do list ‘work out what a blog is’…well I’ve already learned this week about boomerangs and those weird new fluffy slippers from the 70’s that are now shoes????? Who’d have thought it.

Signing off for now, Michelle aka Abbeyhead owner, Mum to 2, Granny to 1, and life coach (NOT persistent nagger you will note) to the other half, Frank

This weeks learning on Boomerang pics, I’m in it 🙂

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